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Why Us?


Through over 30 years of history, with continuous improvement in quality and designs, we have developed unique thermal insulation boxes for optimal temperature control transportation.

High quality

Our products have been assembled from some of the very best materials in the industry,. Among them is our own aluminized polyester film, with high strength and temperature resistant capability. KIRACS’ aluminized polyester film is manufactured with state-of-the-art machines through strict inspection procedures for quality assurance. We take into our products our pride to produce high durability and high thermal control functionality by utilizing good materials, good production planning as well as good sewing techniques.

Rich knowhow how

Thanks to our close cooperation with other makers, we have enriched our knowledge not only in thermal insulation boxes but also the complete temperature control transportation process. Therefore, we are able to consult you on a service and product package that matches with your ideas.

Excellent design

Our thermal insulation boxes boast the Japan’s world famous aesthetics, designed by professional designers, and assembled by craft workers with very careful attention to details.

Functional and light weight, our thermal insulation boxes are your solution for effortless temperature control logistics.

It is desirable that logistics quality management has been talked ...

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