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Focal Point & Transportation Network

(June 8, 2017) - In order to preserve product freshness and assure timely delivery, it is important to design and operate a low temperature controlled transportation network, which could help to cut operation cost.
Focal Point & Transportation Network

Low temperature logistics’ focal point and network: Hub and spoke

Keeping a low inventory number is the key in efficient stock management. Basically, it is necessary to set up a mother center, avoid local delivery centers that cannot afford short period stocking, and create a network of zero stock.

For products that requires same day delivery because of high requirements for freshness, the factory will become a hub center and is the final area network that maintains no stock.

Operation of logistics center:  Business support in WMSil

Business operation as a hub center will start with dealing with orders, stock control, picking/loading on trucks, delivery and other big assignments.

A good management system that target retail supporting and low cost operation is important.

Reception is the first step in the stocking process.

Truck loading/picking plays as an intermediary step, connecting the reception of the shipment to delivery. Stock addition and warehouse location management are also an important task.

As a hub, it is important to operate on a tight schedule, even if it is necessary to use bullet trains for delivery in order to beat competitors in terms of service speed.

Forecasting shipment volume as well as preparing for human resources are also important function of this center. If shipment volumes and risks are not well projected, when related problems arise, it will cause confusion on how to solve these problems.

In 24/365 continuing operations, it is possible for unexpected situations to arise, risk and damage management is compulsory.

Delivery truck system

The delivery function at logistics center is important to receive products with conditions decided by customers.

Delivery carrier system as both trunk line type and area delivery type, after receiving stock data, by quickly contacting delivery truck, it is an important part of the logistics services.
For the trunk line type, it is used to deliver over a long distance on the big size trucks, it is important to operate a system of requested vehicle and goods management.
If only operating trunk line everyday within your own center, maintaining fixed loading rate will be a problem and, therefore it is necessary to cooperate with other companies as well.

Connecting with other similar delivery centers at the locality is also one of the methods.

Daily delivery goods is basically delivered on a fixed route, the focus of the delivery is to confirm whether the volume of goods that has been loaded on the fixed trucks.

Random check during delivery will increase the successful delivery rate and compliance with the delivery conditions.

It is necessary to invest in information software in truck delivery services.

The final point to put into consideration is to empower your employees.

After confirming delivery trucks and preparing for warehouse outputting as well as picking, it is necessary to link the stock control system with the data.

For low temperature type, it is a must to manage the conditions of the loading carrier; this should also be included in the system.

DC type and TC type’S connection

The expired date of frozen goods are long, so stock management can be operated the same as the normal temperature products, however, those chilled products with short period of consumption, which cannot be stocked should be managed as TC.
The basic in low temperature logistics center’s operation is to match these 2 types.

It is necessary to use the first floor of the logistics center, or concentrated spaces, as placing areas for the goods.

From the second floor, it can be used as floors for going up and downs.

Smooth operation: Cross docking

Without keeping stock of the goods with short life cycle, it is the condition that stock is not withheld after receiving from manufacturer. Those products that are loaded on to the deck boards of the logistics center, will be shipped in that condition. This is called cross-docking.

Even with normal temperature products, in order to reduce stock, this method is also used when using a broad delivery network.