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Neo Shield


Neo Shield

Manufactured from our own high quality metalized materials and strong surface facbrics, this product is highly temperature and light resistant.

Excellent light/heat resistant capability

Thanks to aluminum that reflects sun ray, the heat resistant performance of this product is twice as high as Poly-Ethylene complex foam. Moreover, the heat resistant performance is not reduced due to moisture absorbance.


If folded, it is only less than 1/5 of the normal size. This product can become bigger when used, and when not, it can be stored at a small shape. Both Neo Shipper and Neo Shield are foldable.

Outstanding strength

Thanks to PE cloth, the tensile strength is excellent. For box types, the part which is hand carried is exceptionally strengthened.

Freely choose the specifications and sizes

It is possible to customize the products with specifications and sizes according to customers’ needs. you Our products have various shapes and sizes that can match well with your packages, containers and cargo. also provide options such as ice net and other accessories in order to optimize performance of the cool boxes, while accomodating to customers’ requirements.


Standard type


Foldable type


Blood/medcines containers

Unaffected by the environment temperature, this makes it possible to deliver refrigerated/frozen items. We created this product to respond to customers’ demand. Utilizing new freezing system, our Multicool Box consumes low energy of 80W.

Multi-Box's Strength

1. It can fit in small cooling vehicles It is efficient because it allows loading frozen/refrigerated items together with normal temperature items

2. Economically sufficient for avoiding cooling vehicles or dry ice Cooling trucks, even the small ones are highly expensive of around 1.8 – 2 million JPY, and it also costs a lot of energy fee. The starting investment for multi-cool box is only 350,000 JPY and it almost doesn’t require operation cost.

3. Proper quality control: Even under very hot weather, it can keep the internal temperature upto -20C degrees Utilizing new cooling system, Multicool Box can easily switch between refrigerating/freezing functions

4. With a low energy consuming system, it can save refrigerating cost. Through DC12V, AC100V (AC adapter), Multicool Box uses 80W, equal to 2 pieces of lamps.

5. Multicool Box can be installed together with other cooling devices, depending on purpose of use. You can freely assemble our Multcool Box with other cooling devices

Implementing date: March 24 2012 (Sat)PM12:00
~March 24 (Sun)PM12:00(24hours)
Implementing location: Temperature controlled room, at our company
Testing method: Setting environment temperature at 30℃, placing sensors at 3 points inside the device (up, bottom and middle), measuring air temperature, thermal insulation material 50 mm Around 90 l
Size: Inner 440×630×350mm Outer 540×730×640
Testing devices: Temperature logger (a product by JMS)
Testing conditions: Identifying temperature control of frozen food and testing the freezing efficiency.

New cooling start-stop system

Completely solving idling stop

By utilizing a specialized power box (chargeable battery system), even in case of idling stop, the cooling engine will keep working and thus, preserve the proper temperature quality. The power box connects with the car’s battery, and therefore can be charged during transportation. Moreover, it is a safe mechanism that doesn’t damage the battery of the vehicle.

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