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Cold/Heat Packs


Cold/Heat Packs

Assembled with cool boxes, the cold/heat packs help to enhance the performance of the boxes.


Plate type

This plate type does not change the beautiful clarity and shape of the inner material.

We can change the size to fit with the products to satisfy your requirements.


Cooling bags functional type

With the refrigerating power of -15℃, it can not only “preserve temperature” but also “refrigerate”

4 Functions:

1. Due to high refrigerating power, it can effectively preserve the cold temperature for low volume products.

2. Because it can refrigerate temperature within a cake box from 5℃~10℃ for a short period of time, customers can eat the cakes just as deliciously (Product temperature: 10℃~20℃)

3. Compared to dry ice, it does not create CO2, sponge cakes, fruits and ice-creams will not be deteriorated.

4. Together with the products, the refrigerating time and refrigerating power, it can achieve the W result.


Value for money type

Good quality product with very reasonable price.

Mini type using at Western bakeries

We provide the cute design for the use at western style bakeries such as cake shops.

Mini size type

Product specifications is safe CMC that is used in food processing

We produce proper film’s thickness even with very reasonable price.

Regular size
This refrigerant is a good thick film, very easy to use.


Anti-bacterial type

As ice packs that use high quality water based polymer, this product use antibacterial ingredients on the outside surface for your worry-free use.

For better image, it has a sparkling and crystal like feel, it has been reviewed to be a product with the same color as snow when frozen.

Besides standard size, we also provide minisize using in catering services and bento.

Characteristics of antibacterial films

1. Antibacterial: The surface of the film is anti-bacterial.

2. Product price is high: There is layer on the surface of the film that was adhered with antibacterial or fungus products.

3. With antibacterial characteristic, it also preserve longer: As a result of the use of antibacterial agent, it also help to remain the result for a long time.

4. It complies with the law on food sanitation


Anti-condensation type

As a nonwoven cloth type , the condensation on the product is low.

1. The ice pack uses the Japanese paper in the form of non-woven cloth, bringing a luxurious feel

2. Because condensation is low, there is also no muggy feel on the hands

3. Because it does not condense or freeze the products, it is good on even delicate food materials

4. Because the condensation is low, it enhances the crispiness of baked items.


Refrigerant (Plastic Container Type)

This is a type of product that works in a wide range of temperature, from 0°C~-30°C, so it can meet customers’ various needs in cooling transportation, from time, quantity to product type.

Heat packs

Heated in microwaves or hot water, it can be effective in controlling temperature
For lunch boxes, pizza, etc…
Delivery, convinient stores, super markets…

Size (mm) Net weight Contents
160×230 500g 30 pcs

(Composition: thickening agent, pigment)

Gel bag type

Heat storage materials can unify the transportation temperature of such items as frozen food, blood, medicines, etc…, it can keep the cold and freshness that has usually been impossible.

  • It can effectively preserve the heat for the long period of time with a temperature range from 5℃~30℃ (Moreover, it can work in separate temperature range from the above one).
  • If used with cooling materials, it can be effective in long frozen transportation.
  • There is very little deterioration of the inner content, and little risk of leaking because it is of gel type.
  • This is a customized product. Please con tact us for more information

Product name Melting point (℃) Freezing point (℃) Latent heat (KJ/kg) Freezing latent heat (KJ/kg)
NH500M 3.9 0.7 200 -198
NH1000M 3.9 0.7 200 -198
NH500N 5.9 5.9 149 -149
NH1000N 5.9 5.9 149 -149

Pack type

Safe with great functionality

As a product that has been developed through many years, it has the basic functionality of a heat storage material such as heat preserving functionality, durability and safety.

Various product types

In order to correspond to your various needs. We are providing many product types that match your requirements of controlled temperature, preserved period.

Convenient and economic

Easy to be handled by anyone, anywhere, this product is economic for its reusability.

Product name Melting point(℃)

・Latent heat(KJ/kg)

Outside size (mm) Input/g


Gross weight/Contents Remarks
P-500N-5G 151 140×190×25+4 500・P.E 30(pcs)・16(appx. kg) For food delivery
P-1000-5G 151  280×180×33+4 1000・P.E 15・16 For food delivery
P-500N-5P 197 140×190×25+4 500・P.E 30・16 For food delivery
P-1000-5P 197 280×180×33+4 1000・P.E 15・16 For food delivery
P-500N-18G 213 140×190×25+4 500・P.E 30・16 For antifreeze and heat preservation
P-500J-18G 213 140×220×21+4 500・P.E 30・16 For antifreeze and heat preservation
P-500N-25G 213 280×180×33+4 1000・P.E 15・16 For antifreeze and heat preservation
P-500J-25G 147 140×190×25+4 500・P.E 30・16 For antifreeze and heat preservation
P-1000-25G 147 140×220×21+4 500・P.E 30・16 For antifreeze and heat preservation
P-1000-25G 147 280×180×33+4 1000・P.E 15・16 For antifreeze and heat preservation
8K-60G 193 300×160×20 650・P.P 20・17 For food delivery

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