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Products line-up

Cation electrostatic coating type (Max load weight is 500 kg)

In order to promote the opposition and anti-rust function superiority under the harsh environment, paint to keep the durability and beauty.

W×D×H (External dimensions) mm W×D×H (Internal dimensions) mm Net weight
800×600×1,700 740×545×1,450 41kg
850×600×1,700 790×545×1,450 42kg
850×650×1,700 790×595×1,450 43kg
950×800×1,700 890×745×1,450 49kg
1,000×600×1,700 940×545×1,450 45kg
1,000×800×1,700 940×745×1,450 50kg
1,100×800×1,700 1,040×745×1,450 53kg
1,150××800×1,700 1,090×745×1,450 54kg

Standard type (Max. load 500 kg)

This product uses one touch starch, so it increases the operational efficiency and safety.

W×D×H (External dimensions) mm W×D×H (Internal dimensions) mm Color Weight
800×600×1,700 740×540×1,450 Green/ivory 38kg
850×600×1,700 790×540×1,450 Green/ivory 39kg
850×650×1,700 790×590×1,450 Green/ivory 40kg
950×800×1,700 890×740×1,450 Green/ivory 44kg
1,000×600×1,700 940×540×1,450 Green/ivory 42kg
1,100×800×1,700 1,040×740×1,450 Green/ivory 49kg

6 wheel cart

This is a push cart that can move from the center to the display store.
Due to excellent maneuverability, it does not only increase operational efficiency but also connect directly between the center and stores.

Nesting type

Recovering defective products, moving efficiently.

External dimension W 1,270×L 420× H 1,650mm
Internal dimension W 1,140×L 420× H 1,370mm
Loading weights 300kg
Castor fixing 130φSBR wheel
Free castor 100φSBR wheel
Weight 34kg

We have stock of various types. Please contact for more details.