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Privacy Policy

At, we take customers’ information protection seriously. According to our own rules and regulations, each and every employee, and related staff are educated thoroughly and we have also established a safety system so that customers can use our services without worrying about the information security.

The purpose of the privacy policy is to properly implement the personal information protection and continue to bring trust as well as peace to customers.

The privacy policy is applied when customers use services at

Regarding the collection of personal information, for business purposes, when collecting personal information from customers, we set up a control system to protect personal information, and also take it seriously to follow the rules internally.

Collection of personal information

Customers’ information is collected through fair and appropriate methods.

The purpose of collecting customers’ information

1> To contact with customers

2> To arrange and provide services that customers registered

3> For discussion and solving customers’ claims

Scope of application: Regarding to use of personal information

When using customers’ personal information, we only use within the scope that has been agreed by customers. Customers’ information is protected based on Customers’ information protection rules and regulations.

Disclosure and provision of personal information to third party, only when applicable as following, customers’ personal information will not be disclosed to the third party. Disclosure to subcontracters is not considered to be information disclosure/provision to third party.

· When agreed by customers

· When asked to provide/disclose according to laws

· In necessary cases in order to protect human life, body or property and it is difficult to get customers’ consent

· In order to execute public services by the national or local authority, in case of necessary cooperation, there may be circumstances under which information will be disclosed upon customers’ consent.

· Information provided in advance

1)The purpose of use when providing information to the third party

2)List of personal information provided to third party

3)Method of providing information to the third party

4) When disclosing personal data to a third party, if the person wants to stop disclosing such information, we will stop disclosing such information upon informing the person.

· In case of disclosing/providing information for statistical data in which it is impossible to identify the person

Regarding automatically collected information: if customers access to、we will automatically collect and record your IP address, use environment (OS, browsers…), cookies, and your viewed pages. However, the restriction is within’s domain and prior pages (referrer).

Management of personal information properly manages customers’ personal information.

Moreover, based on the use purpose the preservation period of personal information is also determined separately, after this period, the information will be deleted through appropriate methods.

Implementation of safety countermeasures

In order to assure the accuracy and safety of customers’ personal information, implements a number of information security counter measures, preventing access from general users, keeping the personal information in a safe environment, and preventing diversion, alteration and leakage of such information through unauthorised access.

Moreover, based on the internal audit results, other companies’ security incidents lessons, and customers’ desire that drives us improve our information security, we will adjust as soon as possible.

Through the setting up of security technology like personal information encryption, we ensure the safety of such information.

In order to prevent leakage, diversion and alteration of personal information due to third party’s unauthorized access, we implement preventive measures such as installation of firewalls, computer anti-virus and other rational security countermeasures, and thus trying to protect customers’ personal information.

For compliance with laws and regulations

In order to properly protect personal information, comply with guidelines set forth in personal information related laws.

Maintenance and improvement of personal information protection carry on training in order to appropriately collecting customers’ personal information. Moreover, along with inspection whether appropriate collection has been implemented through such methods as internal audit, we are thriving to improve the personal information protection.

Application and adjustment of privacy policy

This privacy policy explains how customers’ personal information is collected on, and customers who are using’s services understand thoroughly the contents herein.’s privacy policy can be changed any time.