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Hardware and software issues

(June 8, 2017) - If hardwares and softwares are not properly designed and standardized, it will result in high cost loss.
Hardware and software issues

Hardwares that generate low temperature environment requires a big investment as well as operation cost. However, temperature control capacity and accuracy is still questionable for carriers such as trucks.


If these hardware are not properly designed and standardized, it will be impossible to achieve the goals, and instead results in high cost loss, which is the root of business constrains.


The problem with hardware is that it has to fight the temperature gaps between the outside environment and within the storages. Condensation, evaporation and wetting of the goods due to the differences in outside temperature and low temperature atmosphere reduce service quality and at the same time result in energy loss.


Though it is difficult to completely avoid condensation, it is possible to minimize this condition.


As information system cannot help to differentiate the normal temperature, it cannot be a standalone solution but requires a complete countermeasures as a whole in order to respond to service frequency, speed and changes.


Therefore, it is required to have developed techniques/ countermeasures that can adopt a solution,which matches most with the services within the shortest means of time.