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How much does a thermal insulation box approximately cost?

Due to specifications, quantity, paired cooling agent (e.g. ice packs), the price can change vastly. Moreover, because we do not only provide refrigerants or cooling boxes, but also a complete solution for temperature preservation control delivery, please contact us for more information.

Which thermal insulation boxes should we purchase?

If you could let us know the purpose, the inner content and its size, the preferred temperature controlled period of time and the preferred temperature; we can calculate the thermal insulation boxes’ specifications and necessary quantity of cold/heat packs. Moreover, when necessary, for the correct calculation, we can also arrange “cold preservation test” based on the actual transportation condition and get an idea of the necessary quantity.

Can we change the size of thermal insulation boxes?

Size change is possible.

Can we order customized products?

Yes, we provide small lot customized products as well.

What should we pay attention to when using thermal insulation products?

Please pay attention to three points as following for the optimum temperature control:

(1)   Please check the fastener and close the box properly.

(2)   Please seal the hook-and-loop fastener with the main box properly.

(3)   Please pre-cool the thermal insulation boxes as well as the inner contents.

Is there condensation inside the thermal insulation boxes?

Due to the temperature and humidity as well as the usage, there may be condensation on the surface of the product. However, even in the case of condensation under the stated conditions, it is possible to avoid troubles by using add-on optional items.

What is the inside content of the refrigerant?

The major composition of refrigerant is water. 98% of the product is water. The rest is high quality water based polymer. It is water proof and used in paper diaper as well.

It seems that during temperature controlled delivery, there are a lot of different temperature ranges, how do you distinguish these ranges?

Even though it is impossible to clearly categorize temperature ranges due to your change of needs and issues, the major temperature categories are as below:
・-25℃ – Used for temperature control of products that need to be cooled under 20℃. This is for preserving products such as bread dough and blood. However, it is necessary to frozen refrigerants to below -35℃. Therefore, please note that in many cases, it is impossible to refrigerate to below -25℃ inside cooling facilities or cooling trucks.
・-18℃ This is the main temperature range for cooling of most frozen food and ice-cream. It is possible to use normal thermal insulated carriers/trucks.
・+3℃ This is the temperature range used for cooling raw food like meat or fish and refrigerated products like reagent. It is possible to freeze the products at -10℃. This is only for reference, depending on the preferred temperature range, time and cool insulation boxes’ functionality; the optimum temperature range will vary. Please contact us for details.

How often should we take care of the thermal insulation boxes?

We recommend cleaning the boxes after use. In terms of cleaning method, please apply water or household kitchen detergent on a cloth to clean. After that, please wipe all dirt and water from the box. Moreover, using alcohol or disinfecting deodorant also helps to keep the hygiene of boxes. If there is still water remaining, please let it dry in shade.

When handling the cold insulated boxes, what should we pay attention to?

Please pay attention to the following 3 points:
(1)     Make sure to keep them in-room.
(2)     Please do not put the boxes near fire, boiler, and other hot products
(3)     Please do not leave the boxes on dirty floor with water, oil, alkali or sharp products.

Please advise m e on how to pre-freeze refrigerants

For example, for products of around O℃ temperature range, please freeze the refrigerants at below -15℃ to-20℃. It can be fully frozen inside a cold storage.

Please advise me on cooling methods of refrigerant.

Unlike dry ice, which does not refrigerate or freeze products, frozen refrigerant is a very simple product that prevent outside heat and preserve the inside temperature.

If we use the products without refrigerating the refrigerants, the product temperature would not be well preserved. Why is that?

In case not being completely refrigerated, the refrigerants will not fully function. Please use after fully refrigerating refrigerants. Moreover, in case of freezing refrigerant, a cooling storage that can be set to a lower temperature than the refrigerant is necessary.

When taking care of thermal insulation boxes, what should we pay attention to?

When cleaning, please use water. When cleaning using detergent, please refrain from using bleach, and laundry detergents. Especially, please completely avoid using organic solvents, such as thinner, benzene…

How safe is the refrigerant?

Made from water, gelling agent, food coloring materials, preservant agent…, the product is safe for use.

How many time can we use refrigerants?

If the products are handled carefully, they can be used over a long period of time.

When handling goods in low temperature environment, failure to ...

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